USI Affinity understands that a solid commitment to proactive risk management, coupled with sound business practices, is likely to decrease the amount of claims a lawyer may face.

With that in mind, we work closely with law firms and carriers to create risk management articles.  As thought leaders and experts in the professional liability arena, we understand your practice and the unique risks law firms face.

The Allegheny County Bar Association Insurance Program provides exclusive insurance and benefit solutions not available to the general public, including an exclusive lawyers’ professional liability offering to protect Pennsylvania attorneys against legal malpractice claims, and other business coverages, healthcare benefits and personal coverages.

Offered ONLY to CNA policy holders in PA - all CNA LPL policies in PA will now include additional coverage allowing for a reduced deductible for claims, when engagement letters have been used.

USI Affinity knows what your LPL Policy covers and why you need a “stand alone” Cyber Liability insurance policy. Click '"Play' above to listen to a synopsis of Mike Mooney speaking on Cyber Liability coverage and the important differences between 1st party and 3rd party coverage.

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